What is Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is, first and foremost, a process. A process dedicated to affordable, respectful, transparent and private problem solving for marriage dissolution that relies on:

  1. Both parties and the collaborative professionals committing themselves to resolving differences equitably and justly without resort or threat of resort to the courts.
  2. An atmosphere of co-operation, integrity, honesty and professionalism that focuses on the future well-being of the family.
  3. Informal discussions and conferences to resolve all issues.
  4. All parties taking a reasoned and compromising approach to all issues while striving to create proposals that meet the fundamental needs of each party.

The benefits of the collaborative divorce approach include, but are not limited to:

  1. Co-operation between you and your spouse allows the professionals to spend their time more efficiently and, thereby, help keep the cost of your divorce lower.
  2. Using the professional most qualified to address an issue also helps keep the cost lower.
  3. An agreement tailored to the unique needs of each party is produced.
  4. You and your spouse retain control over the outcome so the difficult process of divorce tends to be less stressful, more informative and more engaging than other methods.
  5. The future well-being of your entire family is enhanced.

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