How does Collaborative Divorce Work?

We use a three phase interdisciplinary collaborative team model which includes attorneys, divorce coaches, a financial specialist, and, if needed, a child specialist working as co-equal problem-solvers rather than adversaries. This structure makes available to you the professional most qualified to address the various complex issues of divorce and helps you achieve an outcome not possible otherwise.
  1. In the first phase, both you and your spouse select a different attorney to represent you in the collaborative process. Your attorneys will then help you to decide whether to use personal coaches or a single neutral divorce coach to provide the emotional safety net for the difficult times often a part of divorce and to help develop a co-parenting plan.
  2. The second phase involves one-on-one meetings with your professionals to gather information. You will work with your divorce coach(es) to enhance your communication skills as well as learn self management and negotiation skills to help you during the divorce process. The neutral financial specialist will meet with you both to help you gather the necessary financial data and the child specialist, if needed, will meet with your child(ren) to assess any special concerns.
  3. The third phase involves exploring options and settling issues. You and your spouse will meet with the attorneys, divorce coach(es) and financial specialist together to reach the final settlement in a series of 6 or 7-way meetings. Once done, you and your spouse, along with your attorneys, craft your final settlement.

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