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Collaborative Divorce Kansas City is a network of divorce attorneys, financial analysts and coaches with a transforming vision to resolve divorce in Kansas City affordably, respectfully, transparently, privately and without court or casualty.

Interdisciplinary collaborative divorce is based on two attorneys, one attorney for each spouse, a neutral financial analyst and a neutral divorce coach working as co-equal problem-solvers rather than adversaries. This process is dedicated to providing guidance to help divorcing couples to achieve an outcome not possible otherwise.

To schedule your no-charge consultation, call: 913-730-9401

What is collaborative divorce?

Interdisciplinary collaborative divorce has emerged over the last several decades as the most dignified and private way to dissolve a marriage relationship respectfully, affordably, transparently and without the casualties often caused going to court. More

Will collaborative divorce work in your situation?

No single approach is right for everyone. Many people do find the no-court process known as collaborative divorce a welcome alternative to the often destructive, uncomfortable aspects of conventional dispute resolution. The attorneys collaborate instead of litigate. More

How does the collaborative divorce process work?

The interdisciplinary collaborative divorce process focuses on the well-being of the entire post-divorce family and makes available to you and your spouse the attorneys, financial neutral or coach most qualified to address the various complex issues of divorce efficiently.More

divorce attorney attorneys lawyer lawyers Kansas City
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